A company focused on providing nicotine users with a tobacco-free alternative that utilized bold branding to differentiate itself from competitors.


Dryft was one of just a few companies that went to market with tobacco-free nicotine pouches. The brand underwent a massive redesign in 2020 to establish Dryft as a leader in an aggressive market.

Packaging, point-of-sale, and website overhauls were just a few of many touchpoints I worked on with the goal of boosting customer experience and overall performance of the brand against competitors. With the re-launch of Dryft's website and new branding, sales went up over 400% YoY in 2020 compared to 2019.


Graphic Designer


Brand Design and Development
Social/Web Design
Print Collateral Design
Point-of-sale Design
Product Packaging Design
3D Modeling of Products and Packaging

3D Modeling

Part of the rebrand efforts included label and can design. We modernized the label with a scientific feel and brought color to the cans themselves to help them "pop" on shelves against competitor products. Using Blender, I created 3D models of all our products (including the pouches) in order to create a library of hyperrealistic photography. This gave us full control of compositions and bolstered the look of our visual assets, from physical PoS signage to the new e-commerce website.

How It was Used

Various examples of my designs that employed 3D-modeled, hyperrealistic photography, used in the real world at physical point-of-sale locations.


Dryft sought to provide its customers with an exceptional customer experience. Providing a subscription service and delivering the product straight to the customer's door was part of that effort, and the design team elevated the experience with custom packaging.